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Lederhosen short

Welcome to the world of short leather trousers from Trachten24. Our short leather trousers are an indispensable piece of clothing in traditional costume fashion. With their striking design and high-quality workmanship, they embody the unique charm of alpine culture.

Timeless design of the short Lederhosen

Our Bavarian lederhosen captivate with their classic and timeless design. They are made from the finest leather and decorated with traditional embroidery. The short length gives them a modern touch while still retaining the authentic bavarian style. The characteristic details such as the fly, deer horn buttons and decorative seams make our short leather trousers a real eye-catcher. The lederhosen are available in different colors, including classic brown, beige, black and many more. m. Each color has its own charm and suits different outfit combinations. Brown embodies the traditional costume look, while black gives an elegant and modern look. Beige is a versatile choice that pairs well with different tops.

Short traditional leather trousers and your occasions

Our short traditional leather trousers are suitable for numerous suitable occasions. They can be worn at traditional folk festivals, Oktoberfest, weddings, but also in your free time or at social events. They give the wearer a self-confident and tradition-conscious appearance that draws admiring glances.

Comfort and quality of our short leather trousers

The quality of our short leather trousers is outstanding. They are made of high-quality leather, which is not only robust and durable, but also offers a comfortable fit. The careful processing and the fit ensure that the pants sit comfortably and allow optimal freedom of movement.

Which leather trousers suit me?

Our short leather trousers are available in different sizes and offer an excellent fit for every physique. They often come with adjustable buckles or buttons on the sides to allow for a custom fit. So you can be sure that your short lederhosen fit perfectly and flatter your figure. Leather trousers should be really tight when you buy them. It's also okay if you need to use a lot of force to close the trousers. Body heat, pressure and friction when wearing leather pants expand over time. In this way, your Lederhosen adapt exactly to your body shape. You are welcome to use our size table for help: Go to the size charts If your weight should change, you can let the waistband grow with the triangle in the back and sometimes also with the lacing on the pant legs.

What should you wear under short leather trousers?

For reasons of hygiene, the majority of traditional costume wearers opt for underpants. Even if you want the lederhosen to be really snug, there is still a bit of room for tight-fitting underwear, such as underwear. B. a tight boxer shorts.

Where can you buy leather trousers?

You can explore the different models and colors of our short traditional Lederhosen from the comfort of your own home, choose the right size and benefit from attractive offers. Whether you're getting ready for an Oktoberfest, a wedding, or any other festive event, a pair of lederhosen shorts will give you a traditional yet modern look. Enjoy the advantages of online shopping on our Trachten24 website and order your traditional leather trousers today to emphasize your personal style and represent a piece of Bavarian tradition.

Short lederhosen - the background

The history of short traditional lederhosen for men goes back centuries and is closely linked to tradition, culture and craftsmanship. From humble beginnings to today's fashion interpretation, short lederhosen have become a timeless symbol of masculine elegance and style.

Origin of the short lederhosen

The roots of the short traditional lederhosen can be found in the rural regions of Alpine countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Originally designed as work clothes for farmers and shepherds, the short lederhosen developed over time to become an important part of traditional costume fashion.

Short leather trousers and their unique production

The production of short lederhosen requires craftsmanship and attention to detail. The high-quality leather is carefully selected and made into a pair of trousers by skilled craftsmen. Elaborate embroidery and decorations are typical, depicting traditional patterns and motifs such as edelweiss, deer or flower tendrils. Each embroidery tells its own story and gives the lederhosen their unique character.

Clean short lederhosen - we explain how!

Our Lederhosen can be dry cleaned. To do this, use a soft brush or cloth to gently wipe away dust and dirt. If there are stains on the lederhosen, it is important to act quickly. Use a special leather stain remover or mild detergent suitable for leather. Gently apply the cleaning product to the stain and work it in with a clean cloth or soft brush. Be careful not to rub the stain too hard to avoid damaging the leather. After cleaning, you should treat your lederhosen with a special leather care product. This cares for the leather, makes it supple and protects it from drying out. Apply the care product evenly to the entire trousers and allow it to absorb well. You will also find suitable care products in our shop: Go to the care products. Our magazine article is available for further care tips: Go to the magazine article

Charismatic look

Our short leather trousers for men are not only a piece of traditional costume fashion, but also a timeless symbol of male style and elegance. Due to their origin, craftsmanship, patterns and motifs, they are an expression of Alpine culture and tradition. Whether at traditional festivals or social occasions, the short Lederhosen from Trachten24 give every man an authentic and charismatic look. Immerse yourself in the world of traditional costume fashion and discover the timeless beauty of short traditional lederhosen for men.

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