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Bavarian Jackets

The bavarian jacket, a timeless symbol of Alpine tradition, epitomises the fusion of history and style. With its roots deeply rooted in regional traditional costume fashion, the jacket has undergone a remarkable evolution over time to become a versatile garment for modern occasions.

Which trousers to wear with the traditional janker?

The design of a traditional jacket is characterised by fine details and meticulous workmanship. Traditional patterns and high-quality materials give the janker an unmistakable charm. The style ranges from classically elegant to modern interpretations, with the fit always emphasising a slightly tailored silhouette. The combination of tradition and contemporary design makes the traditional jacket a versatile companion for a wide variety of occasions.

Lederhosen are the classic choice for men, especially for traditional occasions such as folk festivals or Oktoberfests. Our lederhosen add a rustic touch to the outfit and go well with our traditional jackets.

How should a traditional jacket fit?

  • Shoulder Patia: The shoulder seam of the Janker should sit exactly on the edge of the shoulder without slipping too far down or up. The jacket should not be too tight or too loose in the shoulder area.
  • Sleeve length: The sleeves should reach to the wrist without covering the hands. The sleeve hem should fall slightly over the wrist and leave a subtle shirt or blouse cuff visible.
  • Waist: A traditional jacket is often cut slightly tailored to emphasize the male or female silhouette. It should be tight enough to define the waist, but not so tight that it becomes uncomfortable.
  • Closure: If the jacket is buttoned, the buttons should close across the chest without tension. The fastener should lie smoothly without the fabric pulling. With an open Janker, it should keep an open but neat line.
  • Back section: The back of the Janker should be smooth and wrinkle-free. The hem should fall evenly at the back and not ride up.
  • Collar: The collar should lie flat on the shoulders and not be too tight or too far from the neck. It should be well shaped and provide adequate coverage for the neck.

Bavarian jacket - open or closed?

  • In many traditional contexts, the traditional jacket is worn closed. This not only underlines the elegance of the garment, but also corresponds to the classic traditional costume conventions.
  • On festive occasions such as weddings or social events, it is recommended to wear the traditional jacket closed. This gives the outfit a more formal touch and emphasizes attention to detail.
  • Want to create a more casual look? Wear the traditional jacket open. This gives the outfit a more relaxed look and is suitable for more informal occasions or everyday wear.

Traditional jacket - for festive occasions

The traditional costume janker is more than just a piece of clothing - it is a statement for elegance and style. Whether at traditional festivals, weddings, or at social events - the bavarian jacket gives every occasion a special note. It can also be worn as an expression of individuality in everyday life. The versatility of this piece of clothing makes it an indispensable part of the wardrobe for traditional costume lovers.

Bavarian jacket - Order now!

Discover the timeless elegance and the diverse possibilities that a traditional costume janker offers. Every Janker tells its own story while combining tradition and style in perfect symbiosis. Order now and experience how the bavarian jacket lifts your individual style to a new level - a symbol of connection with Alpine tradition and expression of timeless elegance.

Costume jackets for men: A journey through history and culture

The history of the traditional jacket for men dates back to the 18th century, when this traditional garment first found its way into Alpine culture. Originally used as robust workwear, the traditional jacket has evolved over the centuries into a symbol of elegance and regional identity. From simple, functional designs for everyday rural life to ornately decorated jackets for festive occasions - the evolution of the traditional jacket reflects the changing times and cultural diversity.

Men's janker - timeless elegance and cultural heritage

The traditional jacket for men is more than just a jacket - it is a commitment to timeless elegance and the preservation of cultural identity. Whether for everyday wear or festive occasions, the bavarian jacket combines history and the present in a unique way. Wear your bavarian jacket with pride and let this garment become a living expression of your appreciation for tradition and culture.

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