Bavarian dirndl midi

With a midi dirndl you always hit the mark. Why? Because the medium-length skirt triggers a beautiful silhouette and indicates just the right amount of leg. Thus, the Bavarian midi dirndl appears wonderfully feminine, playful and elegant at the same time. Catch the adorable charm for countless occasions! read more
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Bavarian midi Dirndl

Let´s go ? to the next fair! At the latest, when the first taps are heralding the beginning of the fair season, every woman will look for their dirndl in the wardrobe. And every connoisseur of traditional costumes knows: You are always right with a midi dirndl. Why? Dirndls with the midi skirt part find the perfect balance of freedom and elegance. We?ll explain the Bavarian dirndl dress in three steps.

Firstly The medium-length Bavarian dirndl reaches down to the knee and, therefore, is the perfect compromise - the traditional version of the Mini Dirndl and the cheekier sister of the long version. This is the reason why it is a perfect outfit for all occasions. It can be worn at weddings as well as at the Oktoberfest or even the local parish fair.

Secondly This midi dirndl dress looks indescribably feminine with its calf-length dress and its tight bodice. The ankles and the slender part of the calves peek out under the skirt. The décolleté offers a charming view. This traditional dirndl flatters every woman of every age group and with every silhouette.

Thirdly Not all Midi Dirndls are the same. In our online shop you will find a colorful selection of different traditional Dirndl. No matter if black, blue, red or beige - there are no limits concerning the color choice. Our Oktoberfest dress is made of fine linen or cotton fabric. This is why they look neat and down-to-earth. Noble brocade fabrics, on the other hand, provide an exclusive, more splendid look. Some are more delicate and some are with splendid details that give the Midi Dirndl a traditional or modern charm. Starting with the pearled apron up to the charivari on the bodice - we have them all. Discover our variety of cheap dirndl!

But pay attention!When you buy such a beautiful, high-quality traditional german dirndl, you should be aware of the responsibility (and your relationship status) associated with it. In order to avoid confusion and misunderstandings among the men, attention must be paid to the correct position of the dirndl bow. If the bow is tied on the right side, that means ?Hands off?, this lady is in a relationship. Conversely, the bow tied at the front left says that ?obandlt? (Bavarian for flirting) is allowed here. The positioning in the centre front means the girl is still a virgin. A tied bow at the back can say two things: the dirndl lady is either a widow or a waitress.

We hope you find your personal favorite Midi Dirndl while strolling through our online shop. This way, you can easily buy or order it and hold it in your hands in no time at all. A little tip: with a smart dirndl necklace the décolleté looks even more promising. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or via the contact form zu kontaktieren.