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Bavarian dirndl midi

Welcome to our varied selection of bavarian midi dirndl. They are an intriguing piece of clothing that blends traditional elements with contemporary style. With their unique length (slightly above the knee) and diverse designs, they are a popular choice for women who want to experience the charm of traditional fashion in a contemporary and elegant form.

Midi dirndl in a modern design

Our traditional midi dirndls are characterized by their medium skirt length, which offers a stylish alternative to long and short mini dirndls. They are available in a wide range of designs ranging from classic-traditional to modern and trendy. From subtle patterns to eye-catching color combinations, our traditional bavarian midi dirndl offer a variety of options to express your individual style.

Festive events

Midi dirndl are extremely versatile and are suitable for a variety of occasions. They are the perfect choice for folk festivals, Oktoberfest, weddings, social events and other festive occasions. By choosing the right accessories and the right dirndl blouse, you can adapt your midi dirndl to the occasion and present yourself in style.

Dirndl bow: where does the dirndl bow go?

So how do you tie the bow correctly on the dirndl in order to be correctly "identified" ;-)

  • Front right: married or in a relationship
  • Front left: single
  • Center front: Virgo
  • Back center: widow, waitress or child

High-quality workmanship of our midi dirndl

With our midi dirndl, special emphasis is placed on quality and comfort. High-quality materials such as cotton, linen or silk ensure a comfortable fit and good air circulation. Careful processing ensures a long service life and first-class quality. In addition, our traditional midi dirndl offer a first-class fit that emphasizes the female silhouette.

Find the right dirndl size - Here's how!

The right size for a traditional midi dirndl depends on your individual height and measurements. You are welcome to use our size table for help: Go to the size charts

Midi dirndl as stylish fashion

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of traditional fashion and enjoy the variety of designs, the style, the comfort and the excellent fit that traditional midi dirndls have to offer. With a traditional midi dirndl you will appear stylish and elegant on every occasion.

Easy online shopping

The online purchase of our midi dirndl offers you a convenient and easy way to find your dream dirndl. You can compare different models, colors and designs without having to leave the house. With just a few clicks you can select the model you want and have it conveniently delivered to your home. Don't wait any longer, order your traditional midi dirndl now and experience the magic of alpine fashion!

Midi dirndl - a journey through time

The history of the traditional Midi Dirndl goes back a long way. Originally dirndl dresses were everyday wear for women in rural regions, especially in alpine countries like Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Over time, the Midi Dirndl developed into festive costumes that were worn on special occasions. Today, midi dirndls are a popular choice for women who want to combine the charm of traditional fashion with modern style.

Individual patterns and colors of our midi dirndl

The origin of the traditional Midi Dirndl lies in the alpine regions of Central Europe. Each region has its own traditional patterns and colors reflecting the diversity of traditional costumes. From the bold floral prints of Bavaria to the understated striped patterns of Tyrol, each region has its own distinct traits that reflect cultural diversity and identity.

Lovingly handcrafted

The production of our traditional bavarian midi dirndl requires careful manual work and attention to detail. Traditional techniques such as sewing ruffles, sewing on borders and attaching lacing are used to create a unique garment. The patterns and motifs vary by region and can depict flowers, tendrils, geometric shapes or traditional symbols. Each pattern tells a story and gives the dirndl an individual touch.

Midi dirndl - culture and tradition

Whether at traditional festivals, weddings or social events - our traditional midi dirndls are eye-catchers and express the unique culture and tradition of the Alpine countries. With their timeless elegance and the combination of tradition and modern style, they inspire women all over the world. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the midi dirndl and experience the diversity, history and cultural significance of this wonderful piece of clothing.

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