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Welcome to our world of vouchers for traditional costume lovers and those in the future!

Immerse yourself in the traditional world of traditional costume fashion with our exclusive vouchers that celebrate the charm and elegance of this timeless clothing. Our vouchers offer the perfect opportunity to give away the unique experience of traditional costume - be it for festive occasions, folk festivals or simply to underline your personal style.

Discover the variety of our vouchers:
  1. Traditional costumes for every occasion: Our vouchers cover a wide range of traditional costume fashion, from classic dirndls and lederhosen to modern interpretations of traditional designs. Find the perfect outfit for Oktoberfest, weddings or other festive events.
  2. Quality and craftsmanship: With our vouchers you not only give away fashion, but also quality and craftsmanship. Each piece in our range is carefully crafted from high quality materials to ensure an authentic and long-lasting traditional look.
  3. Accessories for the finishing touch: Complement the traditional style with matching accessories that give every outfit an individual touch. Our vouchers make it possible to choose the perfect accessory - be it a delicate traditional costume necklace, rustic Haferl shoes or a traditional traditional handbag.
  4. For women and men: Whether for women or men - our vouchers offer traditional clothing for every taste. Expand the traditional costume collection of your family/friends/acquaintances and create unforgettable moments together in traditional clothing.
Why our traditional costume vouchers?
  • Variety: Our vouchers allow the recipient to choose from a wide selection of traditional costume styles and accessories.
  • Quality: Each garment is made with attention to detail and the highest level of craftsmanship in order to preserve the authenticity of the traditional costume.
  • Tradition and modernity: Our range combines traditional elements with modern designs to present contemporary traditional costume fashion.

Give away not only clothing with our traditional costume vouchers, but also a piece of tradition and style. Discover the beauty of the world of traditional costumes and bring joy with a gift that is more than just fashion - it is an expression of tradition, elegance and individuality.

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Quality from Germany
Secure Payment
Easy returns
Worldwide shipping
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