Bavarian bodice

The Bavarian bodice is probably the top of womanhood. It emphasizes the feminine benefits in a delicate way and presents the silhouette in the best light, without appearing sort of pushy. The costume bodice is worn quite classic with lederhosen. But also likely with jeans if a little traditional touch is desired. read more
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Bavarian bodice for women

The ladies Oktoberfest bodice celebrates femininity. With its slim fit and traditional attributes, the figure is particularly playful. Like the upper half of the classic dirndl, the traditional corset top also provides an enchanting décolleté. Such a bodice has to fit relatively tight, of course, in order to really create this shaping, figure-flattering effect. There are one or more incisions at the lower hem thereby it leaves enough space for the classic ?Maß? (on litre of beer). This way the Bavarian costume bodice can adapt even better to the figure of the lady. The traditional costume corset knows how to blend innocent details and a sexy silhouette.

The ladies' traditional costume corset celebrates versatility. No matter which color dominates - red, green, blue, pink or even berry - our smart corsages have become an integral part of women's Oktoberfest outfit. Sometimes elegant, sometimes playful, the Lederhosen can be perfectly presented at the Oktoberfest as well as at weddings. But the traditional corset also flatters with jeans. An uncomplicated smart look - perfect for special occasions or colder days. Classically, a dirndl blouse is worn under the traditional bodice. Depending on which model you choose, you can present your décolleté just as you like.

The ladies costume corset celebrates the special feature. Filigree borders, a rustic coin charivari or traditional costume buttons are details that provide a Bavarian and rustic look. Noble fabrics with pleasant textures or lovely patterns flatter around the waist. And the first time you look at the corset you can't help but think that you have something very special in front of you.

We really appreciate Bavarian bodices for women. They are just something really special in Bavarian costume fashion. In our online shop you find a wide range of Bavarian bodices ? cheap and made in Germany. Bavarian bodices enriche every woman´s wardrobe.