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Bavarian jackets

In the world of traditional costume fashion, women's traditional jackets represent a unique combination of tradition and contemporary style. These versatile garments not only embody the rich cultural history, but also offer a modern twist that makes them timeless companions.

Modern design

Our modern traditional jackets for women are characterized by a multifaceted design that combines tradition with contemporary flair. From elaborate embroidery to subtle embellishments, there is something for every taste and occasion. The stand-up collar gives the jackets an elegant touch, while the high-quality wool fabric ensures a sophisticated and warm look.

The high level of comfort and perfect fit make traditional jackets for women particularly popular. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, such as a high wool content, the jackets not only offer warmth, but also a pleasant feel against the skin. The slightly tailored shape flatters the feminine silhouette, while the stand-up collar ensures a cozy feel.

How to combine a traditional jacket

  • With traditional costume trousers or skirt: Pair your traditional jacket with traditional trousers or a skirt. The combination of jacket and trousers or skirt made from the same fabrics or colors creates a harmonious and classic look.
  • With a traditional-style blouse: Wear a pretty traditional-style blouse under your jacket. White or checked blouses are particularly popular and give the outfit a traditional touch.
  • With leather trousers as an alternative: Lederhosen can also be combined well with a traditional jacket. This gives the ensemble a slightly more rustic touch and is a modern interpretation of traditional costume fashion.
  • With a dirndl blouse for feminine elegance: For a feminine touch, you can wear a dirndl blouse under the traditional jacket. The delicate details of the blouse harmonize well with the robustness of the jacket and create a balanced contrast.
  • With an accessory in a traditional look: Complete your outfit with traditional accessories such as a traditional hat, charivari (jewelry pendant) or traditional necklace. These details give your look authenticity and originality.
  • Jeans for a modern twist: To add a modern touch, you can combine the traditional jacket with well-fitting jeans. This creates a casual yet traditional break in style.
  • With color coordination: Make sure that the colors of your clothing items harmonize. Traditional costume colors such as brown, gray, red or blue can be combined well with each other.

Traditional jackets – for festive occasions

The versatility of women's traditional jackets allows them to be worn on a variety of occasions. Whether at traditional festivals like Oktoberfest, family celebrations, or even in everyday life - these jackets are always a stylish choice. The traditional jacket skilfully combines tradition with modernity and is therefore an authentic expression of style not only at folk festivals, but also in urban environments.

Traditional jacket – also in large sizes

With a women's traditional jacket you not only get a stylish piece of clothing, but also a piece of tradition and authenticity in your wardrobe. Discover our exclusive selection of traditional jackets and experience how these timeless pieces enrich your personal style.

Tradition through the ages

The history of women's traditional jackets goes back a long way and reflects the diversity of regional costumes in different eras. The origins of the women's traditional jacket can be traced back to the 18th century, when traditional fashion became increasingly important as an expression of identity and belonging. From simple, functional cuts in a rural environment to elaborately decorated jackets for festive occasions - the development of the women's traditional jacket tells of the eventful history and cultural richness of traditional costume fashion.

Women's Janker - A timeless combination of tradition and modernity

History, origin, production and cultural significance merge into a harmonious overall picture in the women's traditional jacket. The unique patterns and motifs tell of the diversity of the regions, while the craftsmanship emphasizes the attention to detail. Worn with pride and elegance, the women's traditional jacket is a timeless combination of tradition and modernity that carries the legacy of the past into the present. A symbol of connection with cultural roots and at the same time a homage to the diversity and beauty of traditional costume fashion.

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