Dirndl blouses

Dirndl and dirndl blouse - strong double pack and endless romance. These costume pieces reveal just the best of each other as if they where made for each other. With much harmony, the dirndl blouse fits in the overall picture as well as beneath the (dirndl-) bodice. Complete your Bavarian outfit! read more
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Dirndl blouses

A dirndl blouse is an absolute ?Must-Have? for every complete dirndl costume. Just in some cases, you can wear a german dirndl without a blouse. But among all these cuts and variations you can be a little helpless in the beginning. However, before you give up dispiritedly, you should rather take a look at our small but fine dirndl blouse guide. We will tell you what kind and shapes you should buy for your dirndl. By the way: You can use these tips when you are looking for an authentic dirndl blouse beneath your costume bodice, too.

The classic blouse
A simple cut, which is usually closed with a button facing - the sleeves only slightly puffed - this cotton dirndl blouse can be worn with every kind of dirndl and all bust sizes. However, it is especially recommended for a somewhat luxuriant décolleté. This blouse is neither too bulky nor too revealing.

The heart-shaped blouse
These dirndl blouses use a pretty, heart-shaped neckline to show off the neckline in its best possible light. This can often be adjusted as required by means of a central drawstring. Around the neckline, you can find ruffles or sweet braids, the sleeves enjoy decorative details, such as hole embroidery or lace. Sometimes they are puffed. Smaller bust sizes benefit from this in particular, as a playful, feminine appearance is created by heart shape and drawstring. This blouse is perfect for dirndl with a heart-, under-bust or a balcony-neckline.

The V-neck blouse
Dirndl blouses with a narrow V-neck securely wrap the bust, but still allows promising glances. That's why they provide a beautiful shape for every cup size. These blouses are especially suitable for dirndls with balcony or V-neck.

The Snow White Blouse
Truly magical: The elegant "Snow White" stand-up collar, framed by sweet frills or braids, gives every décolleté an enchanting look. Often there are also puffed sleeves. This dirndl blouse looks best when the dirndl dress itself is also provided with a collar. But it can also be seen with balcony or a heart neckline.

The Carmen blouse
The special feature of this dirndl blouse is the off-shoulder-cut. Whether with drawstring or button facing in the middle - it provides an enchanting silhouette. Their neckline is usually lined with playful frills. Therefore, this type of traditional costume blouse is less suitable for large cup sizes, as the splendid details and the puffed sleeves would be bulky. You have to be further careful when it comes to the actual combination with the dirndl. Together with V-necklines and high-necked dirndls, this blouse should be worn with caution.

Secret tip: Dirndl blouses with drawstring can be adjusted individually. Lash the lacing together until you are satisfied with the neckline. You can then knot the straps onto the middle bar of your bra - so everything stays where it should be!

Find your favorite Dirndl blouse!
Once you have decided on a cut, you can systematically work your way through our online shop. In our shop you will find dirndl blouses especially cheap, with half sleeves, with transparent lace sleeves or with refined organza decorations. Besides our white models, it is also worth taking a look at those in black. If your dirndl is dominated by darker colors, the whole outfit could look more festive and harmonious with a black blouse.

And why are the dirndl blouses, whether white or black, always showing one?s bellybutton? There is a simple reason why the blouses always end beneath the chest: in this way nothing can disturb the wearing comfort under the traditional bodice. An additional layer of fabric underneath would only be unnecessary and can possibly even wrinkle. And no matter how many different kinds of dirndl blouses there are, they all want just one thing: The perfect neckline.