Bavarian shirts

Such a Bavarian shirt is like a Swiss army knife. Why? It?s breathable. It?s comfortable. It?s dashing. And it fits. With this array of positive properties, the Bavarian shirt converts into an everyday hero. Whether with lederhosen or jeans - it looks good & feels good. read more
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Bavarian shirts

The Bavarian shirt for men ? a hero on its own. His mission: Just simply looks good ? with traditional lederhosen as well as worn with jeans. You can choose between green-, blue-, black checkered and white Bavarian shirts. You can combine them simply and they harmonize to every traditional costume - it will simply look breath-taking. Even the most fashion-lazy man can combine his Oktoberfest shirt easily with a traditional Lederhosen with a good sense of style. Oktoberfest or a wedding - it doesn?t matter which occasion, the lederhosen shirt gives a stylish appearance and catch everyone´s attention

Our slim-fitting, authentic Bavarian shirts convince with luscious colours and a rustic button facing. The men?s Lederhosen shirt has buttons on the sleeves to wear it short-sleeeved during warm fair days. Due to the high-quality cotton-fibers, the comfortable Bavarian shirt can be worn crease-free.

A Guide for the Choosing Perfect Bavarian Shirt:

1. Reviewing
Do you already have your own pair of traditional lederhosen in your closet? In this case, your lederhosen will offer you a good indication for the choice of a suitable, stylish Bavarian shirt - it will match perfectly! Make sure that the coloured embroidery fit to your traditional Bavarian Shirt and be in harmony with your chosen shirt colour - it´s all just a matter of your own stylistic confidence!

2. Combining like a Bavarian
When buying a traditional shirt, always keep in your mind how you want to wear your stylish combination. As already mentioned above, the most important thing is to like the chosen colour combination. Moreover, if you want to complete your traditional costume with a coloured Bavarian vest - it´s recommended to wear a white Bavarian shirt.

3. It´s just a question of your own style
By choosing your Bavarian shirt your personal style will guide you to the right shirt anyway. However, it does no harm to ask yourself the question of your individual style. You prefer the modern and sporty style? Then the checkered traditional shirts are a good choice. The more conspicuous the colours, the more unconventional it looks. If you have a more traditional style, we recommend a white Bavarian shirt with rustic button facing. You can choose between the classic white shirt with collar and a white shirt with an elegant kent collar - it´s just a question of your own style.

Now it´s your turn! Find your own perfect matching Bavarian shirt in Green-, Blue-, Red-, Pink- or Black-checkered. Of course you can also choose a classy white one. In order to find your perfect shirt-size, you can use our size charts as well as our size calculator. If there are any questions feel free to ask us! You can contact us by using our contact form or giving us a call. As well we are open for any suggestions!