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Bavarian shirts

Our traditional shirts for men are an indispensable piece of clothing in traditional fashion. With their striking design and high-quality workmanship, they embody the unique charm of alpine culture.

Traditional shirts with a variety of designs and patterns

Our traditional shirts with a stand-up collar or Kent collar are characterized by their characteristic details, such as embroidery, contrasting seams and buttons with a staghorn look. The perfect combination of tradition and modern design gives them an unmistakable charm. It doesn't matter whether it's a classic checked pattern or more subtle variants, traditional shirts offer a variety of designs and styles. Traditional men's shirts come in a wide range of colors, from traditional earth tones like white and gray to bright color combinations like red and green. This means that they can be perfectly combined with different traditional costume outfits and personal preferences.

Traditional shirts - occasions

Whether Oktoberfest, wedding, family celebration or just a casual leisure look, our men's traditional shirts are suitable for a variety of occasions, they give every outfit a special touch and ensure an authentic appearance.

Comfort and quality of our traditional shirts

Our traditional shirts for men are made from high-quality materials and are characterized by their first-class workmanship. Our traditional shirts not only offer excellent quality, but also excellent wearing comfort that is maintained throughout the day.

Traditional shirts: washing and cleaning

Our traditional shirts are very easy to care for. As always, do not put it in the dryer and let it dry flat! Most of our traditional shirts are made of 100% cotton or a linen-cotton blend. Therefore, they can be put into the washing machine on a gentle cycle with a gentle detergent at 30°C and with a low spin speed.

Perfect fit

Our traditional shirts for men are available in different fits to meet individual needs. Whether classic, slim-fit or relaxed, there is a fit for every taste and every body shape.

How do you wear a traditional shirt correctly?

Our traditional trousers or our Lederhosen are suitable for the right combination to perfectly complement the traditional shirt. The colors and patterns should harmonize to create a coherent overall picture. Depending on your personal style and occasion, opt for either a classic Kent collar or a traditional stand-up collar. Both variants give the shirt a special character. Always wear your wrinkle-free traditional shirt tucked into your trousers to achieve a neat and traditional look.

Fast ordering process

With the unique design of our traditional shirts, the variety of colors and the high quality, they offer the perfect mix of tradition and modern flair. Complete your traditional costume collection with a high-quality traditional shirt from Trachten24 and experience the fascinating world of traditional costume fashion. Order now and express your individual style!

traditional shirt: A timeless connection to history, tradition and culture

Traditional shirts are more than just pieces of clothing - they represent a rich history, deep traditions and cultural identities. From their humble beginnings to today's diversity, traditional shirts have undergone a remarkable evolution.

Costume shirts: from the past to the present

The history of traditional costume shirts goes back a long way. Originally, they were worn by farmers and farm workers as sturdy work clothes. Over time, the shirts evolved into a symbol of regional identity and pride in one's origins.

Unique traditional costume fashion with traditional shirts

Traditional shirts originated in various countries in Europe, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Each region has developed its own traditional shirts with specific cuts, designs and decorations. These regional differences contribute to the diversity and uniqueness of traditional fashion.

Timeless charm

Traditional dress shirts for men are an expression of tradition, pride and cultural identity. The history, origin, manufacture and patterns of traditional shirts reflect the diversity and richness of regional cultures. Whether in traditional form or with modern interpretations, traditional shirts are timeless and will continue to play an important role in traditional costume fashion. Be inspired by the beauty and charm of our traditional costume shirts and discover the unique combination of tradition and modernity.

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