Bavarian shoes

One can take smoothly tanned leather, a solid rubber sole and a hint of tradition - then the Bavarian shoe is finished. According to traditional etiquette, a pair of lederhosen demand for a pair of Bavarian shoes. With native details and timeless classic, you just have to love them. read more
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Bavarian shoes for men

Traditional Bavarian shoes are an absolute must have for an authentic Oktoberfest costume outfit. Once worn as working shoes, now a real tradition of traditional German clothing. But what are the distinguishing characteristics of real ?haferl shoes? for men?

  • Our traditional Bavarian shoes are all to bind laterally, since this is usual with men?s classic lederhosen shoes.
  • Traditionally, Oktoberfest shoes are made in double stitching style. This can be recognized due to the double seam, which frames the shoe.
  • The material of Bavarian-style shoes is softly tanned leather. Our different shoe designs are made of Nappa, Nubuck, Wild-buck or suede leather.
  • Traditional costume shoes have a thick, non-slip rubber sole ? quite typical.
  • Inside, there is a soft leather sole, which provides a pleasant wearing comfort.

Finding the perfect Bavarian shoe
Especially at the Oktoberfest ? the Bavarian shoe is a typical ?It-piece? and can be seen on every man´s foot. Choose your perfect matching ?Haferlschuh? to combine it with your Bavarian lederhosen costume. Our Bavarian shoe in smooth black leather looks modern and elegant - all at once. Our brown rustic leather shoes with antique tanning impress with their rustic charm. In our online shop you will find a wide selection of chic, high-quality and fair-priced shoes. It will complete your ?Oktoberfest-look? just perfectly and can be combined to your lederhosen or to a casual pair of jeans.

With our size calculator you can easily find the right size for you. And don't worry, if your shoes are a little "rigid" at first. This is typical for real leather traditional shoes. After wearing them a few times, they will adapt to the individual shape of the foot quickly. ?So let´s go! - Off to the next fair!?