Bavarian socks

Bavarian Socks, stockings or ?loferl? - no matter how you want to call them, they belong to every lederhosen-look. Our Bavarian stockings always come along with a comfortable knit and traditional design. This way, a harmonious, rustic costume-style occurs. read more
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Bavarian socks for men

In the field of Bavarian socks, there are many different types where you can easily lose track. We will now bring some light into the knit sock?s darkness. A lederhosen costume gets completed by a pair of stockings ? whether loferl socks or knee socks. In the following part, we will give you some advice for choosing the right Bavarian trachten socks and how to wear it.

The type: ?Loferl? or calf socks?
The Bavarian ?loferl? are not like the usual known traditional socks. The typical known ?loferl? consists of two parts. The lower part is worn as a footstall and may also disappear in the shoe, the ?haferl shoe?. The upper part is used to cover the calves at the thickest point. This part should not be worn on the knee neither over the knee nor over the ankle. The upper part should cover the calves and is neither gathered nor carded. As you can probably imagine, 2-piece ?loferl? are therefore only used in combination with short Bavarian lederhosen.

Traditional Oktoberfest socks can be worn by men with short lederhosen as well as normal knee breeches lederhosen. Whether you choose the long or short sock variant is entirely up to you. Here it?s allowed to flip over. However, knee breeches lederhosen tend to go with shorter or rolled down socks.

Chic knitwear for your feet
In contrast to ?loferl?, which are often designed a little more elaborately, partly with knitting patterns - traditional stockings are kept rather simple. But no matter whether you choose green, grey, blue, white or natural mottled for your German socks ? they have to match the lederhosen. At the Oktoberfest, the Wiesn, and on other occasions our socks always fit. So every man is always authentically dressed.

Our fair-priced Bavarian lederhosen socks and ?loferl? convince - besides their appearance - with their excellent wearing comfort. High quality material, such as cotton or new wool ensure a pleasant climate without annoying scratching.

Now that we gave you an impression about the different types of German lederhosen socks ? you can go to every fair with a good feeling. We wish much pleasure with your traditional socks!