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Bavarian Knifes

High-quality traditional knives with real and noble deer horn handles, blades made of the world-famous and indestructible Solingen steel as well as individual and unique silver-plated figure caps are the perfect accessory for traditional lederhosen but also a wonderful gift idea. Made in Germany!

An accessory from hunting to snack time as a fashion highlight

When the traditional costume was still normal everyday clothing, a knife was an indispensable part of the equipment. Back then, men used it for hunting. Of course, they could also define their status with it. The size and the material from which the knife was made said something about the wealth and importance of the owner. That has changed in the meantime and the possibilities for using a traditional knife have also changed. As before, however, it completes the male costume as an accessory. Especially when wearing leather pants. The knives are either worn directly on the lederhosen or alternatively on a belt.

Outside the Alpine region, the traditional knife is simply called a "hunting knife". In order to be able to kill the game with a single stab, the blade must be between ten and six inches long and hit the animal at a very specific point above the cervical spine. The hunting knife becomes a traditional knife when its handle is made of deer horn. Significantly rarer, but still quite common, are handles made from a deer paw. Both the blade and the handle of a real traditional knife offer plenty of room for decoration. The blades are engraved and elaborate carvings can be incorporated into the handles. And not only that. Sometimes a knife also hides a secret. So one of our knives offers a hidden metal container in the tip. There the typical Bavarian can store his snuff very discreetly.

The traditional knife completes a man's traditional outfit and especially the appearance in lederhosen. The practical utility proves itself on hikes. Then you can not only cut a few nice branches with it, but also distribute the cheese and sausage fairly at the snack.

If the knife is not in use, it should definitely be in a protective cover. Since it is worn directly on the body, accidents and injuries can be avoided. The protective cover is traditionally made of leather and ends in a metal cap and is included with our knives. The upper edge is also surrounded by a metal edge in real traditional knives.

Bavarian knives - Made in Germany

There is nothing better than a hearty snack. Pretty good, if you have a beautiful, traditional hunting knife with you. The blade is about 10 cm long and reliably cuts bread, sausage and cheese. A finger protection at the end of the blade ensures safety. The about 10.5 cm long handle made of real horn fits perfectly in the hand. In addition to the cutting tool, there is also the matching knife sheath made of real leather. With this traditional Bavarian knife you get real handwork “Made in Germany”.

Every traditional knife is as individual as you are. Horn is a natural material, each piece is unique. Sometimes rough, sometimes smooth, curved or rustic like the deer antler - but always beautiful. In addition, each knife is decorated with a small coin or a round cap at the end of the handle. A special model among the traditional knives is our model with integrated snuff container - beautiful and practical. A practical issue: almost all of our lederhosen are equipped with a traditional knife bag. You still have to find the right traditional knife for your lederhosen - or even both?

Traditional costume knives allowed?

Unfortunately the carrying of hunting knives and traditional knives is increasingly no longer permitted at many larger fairs such as the Oktoberfest. But that doesn't mean the knife bag has to be empty. We have a beautiful alternative that is as chic as a traditional knife handle. Simply take our rustic bottle opener with an equally beautiful and rustic horn handle.

Horn Handles: Cleaning and Care

Beautiful horn accessories are becoming more and more popular. At some point the question arises: How should I clean and care for the beautiful staghorn knife? The blade can easily be washed off with warm water and a mild detergent, then dried well. The horn handle can be rubbed with a little bit of deer sebum which nourishes and protects against fragility.

And which traditional costume knife suits you best? Find out and browse through our shop.

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