Trachten24 is Trusted Shops certified! That means service and reliability at the highest level.

Trusted Shops is since 1999 with more than 10.000 certified merchants the leading cachet for online retailers with buyer protection including integrated Trusted Shops Guarantee, a money-back guarantee - guaranteed by major insurance companies.

The money-back guarantee is an additional and optional service we offer to our customers. The warranty protects you 100% against a loss of purchase price - for free of course. We take all costs for this insurance!

You can complete the money-back guarantee optionally after successful order processing as follows:

  • After ordering process simple click the button to sign up for the money-back guarantee.
  • After that you will be forwarded directly to the Trusted Shops website where your order will be registered and you only have to fill out the required fields.
  • After successful registration with Trusted Shops you are guaranteed secured against purchase price loss, because Trusted Shop will refund your money in the case of accidents.