Bavarian ties

For particularly style-conscious men, and who wants to become one, we have an exceeding special: our Bavarian ties. A wreathed leather ribbon and a buckle adorned with fine and traditional motifs - it doesn?t take more for this exclusive accessory. Decorate your Bavarian costume outfit! read more
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Bavarian ties

For ladies the traditional necklace, for men the traditional Bavarian tie. At the end of the 19th century, it would have been unthinkable for a gentleman to leave the house without a tie. Why let the past rest? We believe that such a beautiful tradition as the bolo ties should not be forgotten. Such a traditional shoestring tie looks genuinely nice with lederhosen. A softly braided ?Alcantara? ribbon with decorative covers made of silver-plated brass forms the basis of our ties. The costume band includes an individual slide, depending on the choice of brass, with carved horn, a deer crown or even a real ?Grandl? (canine tooth of the deer and popular hunting trophy).

You don´t have to tie a ribbon

Positive aspect: you don't have to tie our traditional Bavarian tie! The pretty ?Alcantara? strap is simply pulled over the head as a loop and then fixed with the slider to the desired length. The bands then rest on the chest in a length of approximately 30 cm.

Do you want to be a true Bavarian gentleman? Then browse through our online selection of bolo ties.