Bavarian lederhosen König Maximilian chamois goat

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Who is already in love with the appearance of these goat lederhosen can already be curious about their inner values. The wonderfully supple leather and the chamois tannin by hand are only the beginning. read more
  • Complex tanning process emphasizes the unique gradient of the leather
  • Buttons made of real horn for an originally rustic look
  • Perfect fit due to suspenders and adjustable lacings
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For connoisseurs and those, who intend to be one: The goat lederhosen König Maximilian

Already at first sight, it becomes clear, that these Bavarian lederhosen aren not just any specimen. They have to satisfy the name of the first Bavarian king, King Maximilian I. Joseph, which has established the Oktoberfest by the way, eventually. But even with the rustic Used-Wax-Look alone they doing quite good. This is not at least owed to the complex goat leather which is the basis of this favourite piece. During a complex tanning process, the chamois tanning, the leather was refined in a way that the natural colour gradients come better into ones own. Thus, every Bavarian leather trousers are a unique one.

We continue with the authentic highlights the König Maximilian have to offer. Traditional patterns adorn legs, bib and knife pocket. On the lateral legs, you can even find a buck. Thick, bright outer seams and buttons made of real horn provide a traditional charm to these Bavarian lederhosen.

Practical trouser pockets on the front and on the back offer enough space for everything the gentleman wants to bring with him on a fair. In this way, he does not only look really dashing, but is perfectly equipped, too. Furthermore, with the soft goat leather and the adjustable lacings on waistband as well as on the legs, the lederhosen fit comfortably. We are ready for Oktoberfest!

5 times the best of the König Maximilian goat lederhosen:
  • Natural grain of the leather makes every specimen unique
  • Supple goat leather, finished by the complex, chamois tanning
  • Lacings on the legs and on the back for an individual adjustment
  • Rustic details: Real horn buttons, traditional patterns, knife pocket
  • Highest quality from German production


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100% chamois tanned goat leather
The bavarian lederhosen is cut crispy and thus slightly smaller. (see size chart just above)

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Bavarian lederhosen König Maximilian chamois goat
Bavarian lederhosen König Maximilian chamois goat

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