Bavarian bag Lilly darkblue (handmade)

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Lovely craftsmanship made this cute Bavarian bag out of a piece of felt. With its timeless look, adorned by a silkily shiny loop, it suits just always. read more
  • Dark blue shoulder bag made of high-grade wool felt, measurements of 20 x 14 x 5 cm
  • Comfortable, elegant cord (approx. 120 cm long) as carry strap, approx. 60 cm from shoulder
  • Secure closing due to magnet button
  • Exclusively crafted in Germany
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The perfect companion for your traditional Bavarian costume outfit - The dark-blue Bavarian costume bag "Lilly" made of 100% wool felt

Produced in a chic dark-blue colored tone, this Bavarian costume bag perfectly matches your Bavarian outfit - elegantly hung above your shoulders the long cord also shines in deep blue. You can see it right in front of you, the perfect outfit in Bavarian costume look - matched with this beautiful handmade bag. It's the small and fine accessories, which complete an original Bavarian costume outfit.

The perfectly matching bag is a must for every woman. Thanks to the long cord this bag can be worn comfortably on height of your hips - perfect for a rustic outfit with a Bavarian skirt or bodice as well as to jeans or Bavarian leather pants.

Details, finely coordinated

Die dunkelblaue Wollfilz-Tasche wird in Deutschland gefertigt. Hier ist stundenlange Handarbeit angesagt, um aus schlichter Wolle letztlich eine elegante Wollfilz-Tasche mit kräftigem Farbton herzustellen. Dekorativ geschmückt wird die Tasche auf der Front durch eine Satinschleife, natürlich ebenfalls in Dunkelblau.

The dark-blue wool felt bag is completely made in Germany. It takes real craftsmanship to create this elegant wool felt bag in its stunning strong color simply out of plain wool. Alongside its beautiful color this gorgeous bag is also decorated with a beautiful satin bow on the front, also in dark-blue. The spacious inside of the bag ensures enough room for necessary everyday items: From your key, your wallet up to your smartphone, all your small belongings will fit in this bag. A magnetic fastener secures that the bag is closed properly. This way your belongings won't spread around the floor in case you accidently drop your bag.

5 reasons, that make the Bavarian costume bag "Lilly" your perfect companion

  • this one is an original 100% bag - 100% made in Germany by Almbock, made of 100% wool felt
  • elegant, softly shimmering long cord - ensures that the bag sits slackly and comfortable
  • for the certain something - chic satin bow on the front of the dark-blue Bavarian bag
  • enough storage space - spacious inside pocket with enough room for wallet, key and co.
  • security first - magnetic fastener for the pocket flap


Age Group:
100% Filz
20cm x 14cm x 5cm (width x height x depth), the handle measures 60cm

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Bavarian bag Lilly darkblue (handmade)
Bavarian bag Lilly darkblue (handmade)

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