Bavarian necklace blue with Spatzl heart pendandt (K28)

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Who doesn't know the booths on fairs smelling of cotton candy, supplied with sweet gingerbread hearts? The latter adorns this dashing dirndl necklace - not for nibbling but just as sweet. read more
  • Flirty Bavarian necklace with blue elements
  • Gingerbread heart pendant with the cute inscription "Spatzl" (Bavarian for "honey")
  • Matching necklace adorned with shimmering satin ribbon, variable length from 35-40 cm
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This traditional bavarian necklace in blue color is the perfect accessory for dirndl or bavarian blouse and creates a very special look. The carabiner chain is laced with a satin ribbon in traditional dark blue and goes perfectly with the sassy heart pendant, which is also framed in blue.
  • The trailer is equipped with the bavarian inscription "Spatzl" (e.g. "Honey") as well as a small edelweiss flower and two blue rhinestones.
  • Above is a sweet bow also in blue.
  • Lobster clasp with variable length adjustment.
  • High quality crafted with meticulous attention to detail.


Age Group:
× × cm
Diameter of about 3,5cm
Ribbon length approx 40cm, and about 5cm variable adjustment

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Bavarian necklace blue with Spatzl heart pendandt (K28)
Bavarian necklace blue with Spatzl heart pendandt (K28)

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