Almbock Traditions Box Women - "Nobel for Spusi"

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This nice tradition box is a cute gift idea for a friend, your sister or even your mother-in-law. The content is so timeless but flirty so that it?s something for everybody. read more
  • Affordable Bavarian tradition box, perfect as a present due to its dashing Almbock gift packaging
  • Our beautiful shoulder bag ?Lilly? and a filigree pearl bracelet as accessory
  • Tasty snacks and a little cocktail for enjoyment
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Traditions Box Women - "Nobel for Spusi"

The gift box for the sophisticated ones

If it just wouldn't be so exhausting, to find nice gifts. Lucky you, it isn't anymore! The exclusive Almbock traditions boxes are strongly limited and unique. Bavarian comfort meets metropolitan flair and modern traditional basics. Altogether, Almbock offers complete gifts for HER or HIM, topped by a special set-price without complex "gift hunting".

Always included: some delicacy to titillate someone's palate and dressy accessory for festive and daily occasions. Why do we do this? To offer you a relaxed way of gift shopping for holidays, special occasions like anniversary or birthday, or just because you feel like giving something.

The traditions box for connoisseurs

What's insight the traditions box for ladies? A handmade traditional purse with fine satin ribbon plus matching bracelet with fine pearls with sweet heart shaped pendent. Topped by the popular Bellini-cocktail and a little snack.

Please be aware of the legal age of 18 years to order the traditions box women - "Nobel for Spusi".

Traditions box women - "Noble for Spusi"
  • Stylish traditions box - nice gift combination for HER and HIM
  • Fine accessories in traditional style - for the quaint look
  • No more stressful choosing - carefully combined gifts packet in one box
  • Traditions box women "Noble for Spusi" - unpack, clink glasses and snack
  • Enjoy giving - fine gift box in noble Almbock blue


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Almbock Traditions Box Women - Nobel for Spusi
Almbock Traditions Box Women - "Nobel for Spusi"

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This product consists of

Bavarian bag Lilly taupe (handmade)

Bavarian bag Lilly taupe (handmade)

49,99 €
Bavarian bracelet with beads and stones (B1)

Bavarian bracelet with beads and stones (B1)

14,99 €